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The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance: Tools and Techniques for Community-Based Banking

Chapter Summary

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 The Faith-Based Jedeo-Christian-Islamic Foundation of the Prohibition of Interest and the RF (Riba-Free) Banking System
  • Chapter 3 The Rule of Commodity Indexation and the Principle of Marking to the Market
  • Chapter 4 Shari'aa: Shari'aa Boards in Islamic Banks: An Overview and a Vision for the Future
  • Chapter 5 Money and Its Creation: The Federal Reserve System (Central Banks), Interest Rates, and Commodity Indexation.
  • Chapter 6 Civility and Social Responsibilty of the Riba-Free Banking System
  • Chapter 7 The Conventional Riba Based Banking System
  • Chapter 8 What is the Difference? Comparing Riba-Free Banking and Conventional Riba-Based Banking
  • Chapter 9 Islamic Banking in the 20th Century
  • Chapter 10 RF Banking Model for the 21st Century: Developing the Shari'aa-Based Finance Model
  • Chapter 11 Starting an RF Bank in the United States: Aquiring and Restructuring a Troubled Bank and Operating it Riba-Free
  • Chapter 12 Operating an RF Bank in the United States
  • Chapter 13 Case Studies: Developing the RF Banking Investment Products
  • Chapter 14 Visions for the Future of RF Banking
  • Chapter 15 A New Banking Vision for the 21st Century