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Chapter 12: The Dream: A World-wide LARIBA Banking System

By Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman

Our dream is to establish a world-wide LARIBA banking system which will be the driving force behind the economic growth of the community, its political and financial affluence and most importantly the integration of the markets world-wide.

Our dream is to establish a small size ($5-20 million) LARIBA bank in each community.

For example, in the U.S. , it should be in every city.

Then a state LARIBA bank would be the integrator of all these small community LARIBA banks.

Then a U.S.LARIBA Bank which will include all the LARIBA banks.

The state and country banks would become the "lenders of last resort" which could rescue any of the smaller community LARIBA banks in case it experiences a run on its reserves.

Ideally, many country LARIBA banks would integrate into a world LARIBA bank which would eventually be the super LARIBA bank of the World.

Such a structure would provide the syndication power to finance any size project, the networking powers of worldwide synergism of industrial, agricultural and educational development world-wide.

It is true that this may be an ambitious dream.

However, we need to plan for the next 100 years.

The best way of doing this is to start a successful, proven model in our community which will train the youths in LARIBA banking and create a new generation of highly qualified international LARIBA bankers who would be the new "anchor" persons to run the new LARIBA banks in new communities and countries world-wide.

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