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  1. Lariba Islamic Banking Symposium Papers
  2. Prophet Muhammad(s) on Economic Justice
  3. Riba as described in the Qur’an and Sunnah
  4. Islamic Home Financing - An Invited Paper Presented at The Harvard University Law School, October, 1998
  6. The Los Angeles Times Front Page Article - on Islamic Banking, March 18, issue. First Ever in The History of the Muslims.
  7. Islamic Instruments for managing liquidity
  8. A Growing Market
  9. Freddie Mac-USA Today Article
  10. Islamic Banks Post 9/11
  11. Islamic Finance Company Advice
  12. Islamic Movement in America
  13. Advice on How to Choose Your Islamic Finance CompanyThe Pyramid of Globalization and its Impact on the Muslim World
  14. The Pyramid of Globalization and its Impact on the Muslim World
  15. Islamic Instruments for Managing Liquidity
  16. LARIBA Financial Planning
  17. Freddie Mac Alliance with LARIBA: Building for the Future
  18. Prospects, Problems and Challenges of Islamic Financial and Banking Services in the United States
  19. The Challenges of Offering a LARIBA Financial Services Window in an American Bank
  20. Interest in the Catholic Tradition: Then and Now
  21. Submitting Ourselves to God's Will - A Conceptual Overview
  22. Islamic Financing, Banking and Investment in America
  23. Islamic Banks after September 11th
  24. Freddie Mac LARIBA Alliance: Islamic Lending Solutions - LARIBA Home Financing Model
  25. The Development of LARIBA Financing and Investment Portfolios for the Retail System
  26. Strategic Alliance and Capitalizing the "ICT" Era in Islamic LARIBA Banks
  27. Islamic Financing, Banking and Investment in America - History Current Situation and Challenges
  28. Towards a LARIBA, Mortgage Financing in the United States
  29. The Challenges of Offering a LARIBA Financial Services Window in an American Bank
  30. Islamic and Socially Responsible Investing in Mutual Funds
  31. The Capitalization of Islamic Finance Institutions in America
  32. An Analysis of Dr. Mahathir Muhammad Proposal to Tax Rich Countries to Finance Infrastructure Projects in Poor Countries
  33. Achieving Financial Independence Through Prudent Financial Planning
  34. Affordable Home Ownershp Through Islamic Finance
  35. Asset & Liability Management in an Islamic Banking Context
  36. Global Acceptance of Islamic LARIBA Banking
  37. Integrating Quality Management, Creativity and Innovation in Islamic Banks
  38. Islamic Banking - A Customer Perspective
  39. Islamic Banking Institutions in Indonesia
  40. Long-term challenges and risks in the banking industry: the position of Islamic banks
  41. Reviving the Roots of Islamic Economics & Finance
  42. Towards a Grass Roots Based Islamic Finance for All
  43. The Implementation of Musharaka wal Murabaha for Shariaa Rural Banks in North Sumatra as part of Community Development Program
  44. Global Developments in Islanic Finance - Challenges and Opportunities
  45. Freddie Mac's Role in the US Housing Finance Industry
  46. Riba and Riba-Free Financing As Given in the Qur'an and the Sunnah
  47. What the Bible Says About Money
  48. Islamic Jurisprudence
  49. Lending in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Christian Tradition
  50. Investing in the Stock Market Takes Patience
  51. Islamic Banking - Challenges and Corporate Governance
  52. Islamic Banking After 9/11 - A Broad Perspective
  53. "Islamic" Banking, Between Literalism and Rationalism
  54. The "Islamic" Brand Name and the Future of Islamic Banking
  55. Islamic Financing in the US: Arrived, But is it Growing?
  56. Money Lending and Interest in the Torah and Jewish Tradition
  57. Money, What it was, and What it has Become
  58. The Wisdom of Prohibition of Interest
  59. Western Regulatory Concerns and Islmanic Banks
  60. My Understanding of the Role Money Plays in My Religion
  61. The recent Azhar fatwa: It's logic, and historical background
  62. LARIBA (Faith-Based) Financing Model
  63. The Gold Currency! Towards Building A Stable Future and A RIBA-Free Faith Based Finance & Banking System
  64. Growth & Development of Islamic finance via Conventional Institutions
  65. Protecting Communities from Predatory Lending Practice
  66. Islamic Banking Model
  67. Fannie Mae Alliance with American Finance House LARIBA
  68. LARIBA (Faith-Based) Financing: The Canadian Market
  69. Islamic Banking LARIBA - A Conceptual Overview
  70. Islamic Home Financing in the United States
  71. The Gold Dinar
  72. International Islamic Capital Market Conference
  73. The speech of Dr. Mahathir, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the Islamic Cultural Center in Northbrook
  74. Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk with Forwards, Futures, Options and the Gold Dinar: A Comparison Note
  75. The Islamic Gold Dinar: Views of A Non-Muslim
  76. International Strategic Alliances for LaRiba (Islamic) Investment: International Perspective
  77. Global Strategies for Islamic Global Strategies for Islamic Banking and Banking and Finance
  78. Dinar and Dirham Effect on the Banking Business and its Solution
  79. Freddie Mac Alliance with LARIBA: Opening Doors For Muslim Families In America
  80. Riba and Paper Money
  81. Risk & Return of Islamic Stock Market Indexes
  82. Success of Islamic Investment Funds