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Josephine Callas
Vice Chairman of Lariba System

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  • 1971-1976 Gibralter Savings & Loan, San Marino, CA - Savings Supervisor-Assistant Branch Manager. This branch became the second largest among the Gibralter Savings System.
  • 1976-1985 Gibralter Saving & Loan, Burbank, CA - Branch Manager; Assistant Vice President. Was involved in the beginning of on-line systems and introduction of NOW accounts. Also as Branch Manager, she had the least staff turnover in two years.
  • 1985-1986 Community Federal Savings- Manager of the Pasadena branch which later merged with Great Western Bank.
  • 1986-1994- Great American Bank/Wells Fargo Bank- Assistant Vice President- Branch Sales Manager; Mrs. Callas was awarded membership in the President's club for two consecutive years for outstanding sales and customer service.
  • Mrs. Callas has been involved with the founding of the LARIBA system since 1988.

    Abdullah Tug
    Resident Manager

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    B.Sc. Economics, University of Hacettepe, Ankara, Turkey, 1984 Seminar Studies, International Economics, New York, 1985


  • Member and start-up team of Al Baraka Turkish Finance House, 1985-1988. Worked in management, Foreign Department, Dealing Room and Foreign Relations Department.
  • Operations officer for Al Baraka Bancorp (California) Inc. 1988-1990; In charge of loan processing , market analysis, and accounting.
  • Verdugo Surgical Center & Clinics. 1990-1993. Administrator and financial advisor of the medical group and ambulotary surgical center in Burbank.
  • Smith Barney, Inc.1993-1996 Registered Assosciate, Senior Partner for Senior Portfolio Manager of Smith Barney. Supervised client accounts and organized seminars for investor groups.
  • American Finance House LARIBA, 1991-1996 Started as part time consultant and appointed as General Manager, Chief Financial Officer at the beginning of 1996.
  • Married with two children.

    Ikbal Hamiduzzaman
    Vice President, Senior Credit Officer


  • 1970-1995 Pakistan National Bank. Served in various capacities including retail, corporate, foreign exchange and international banking.
  • American Finance House LARIBA, 1996 Started as Senoir Loan Officer.
  • Married with 4 children



    Professionalism is the talent of taking power, to love what we do, to improve ourselves, and to do the best we can at what we promised to do. Professionalism is making promises that can be delivered and if possible delivering them better than promised.


    Consistency is unimpressed with a single success. It is true that we have realized success. But, we believe that much more can be done. It is true that we have been in business since July 1987, that we distribute competitive dividends and that we served hundreds of clients. But we still feel that this is not enough.

    Consistency confers medlas only upon those who burn brightly with the repetition of achievement. It is more than a promise. It is performance overtime. Consistency means never resting, never taking our talents for granted.


    Concentration is the ability to focus and listen to the calming voice of the universe.

    It speaks to you quietly above the roar of your mind. Concentration in prayers and in our work, trains us to ignore the extraneous, to dismiss the distractions, to avoid the pessimists and to focus at will...

    Concentration is what keeps us focused on our goals, allows us to turn reaction into action, disadvantage into opportunity and opportunity into success.

    Our goals are crystal clear. We are building the foundation of a nation-wide LARIBA financial system to bring people back to the basic values of trust, humbleness, sincerity and non-wasting through the LARIBA finance way.


    Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. We promised to start building the financial infrastructure of our community.

    Commitment is the word that speaks of your intentions, and the action which speaks better than words.

    Commitment is making time when there is none, coming through time after time, year after year.

    Commitment is what character is made of; it is the power to change, it is the daily triumph of integrity, and the belief in the future over skepticism.

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